Marine Propulsion is the mechanism or system used to generate thrust to move a ship or boat across water. While paddles and sails are still used on some smaller boats, most modern ships are propelled by mechanical systems consisting of a motor or engine turning a propeller, or less frequently, in jet drives, an impeller. Marine engineering is the discipline concerned with the design of marine propulsion systems.


  1. Propeller
  2. Azimuth Thruster
  3. Tunnerl Thruster

High Speed Propeller

Ordinary Propellers

Controllable Pitch


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Project References Propulsion System

Bow Thruster SCT70D-FP

Twin Propeller
Diameter propeller 700 mm
Classification rina italy


Bow Thruster SCT70D-FP

vessel name AG geodrill
power rating 200 kw
(380v 50 hz 3 phase)
nominal thrust 30 kn


Bow Thruster SCT100-FP

controllable pitch propeller
diameter proppeler 1000 mm
classification bki indo


Bow Thruster SCT100-FP

vessel name RO-RO FERRY 1300GT Power rating 335 kW (380V 50 Hz 3 phase) Nominal Thrust 53 kN

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